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Design with a cult factor
It is light, practically weightless. Cult design combined with future-oriented technology and flexible lenses that can stand up to just about any pressure – the Futura Anniversary Collection. With this latest collection, Silhouette is not only celebrating its 50th anniversary but also sunglasses that are setting a new benchmark in the fashion world.

The Futura 2014 is a reinterpretation of the 1974 model in a design aligned with Silhouette's philosophy of today: rimless. The first retake on the cult eyewear was ten years ago — the Futura 2004 had no screws or hinges, but still had a rim. Today's objectives were extreme lightness and an ultramodern, sleek design.

“The original model was made of stiff, heavy acetate. At Silhouette today we fortunately have completely different possibilities for pairing a modern look with optimum wearing comfort,” Gerhard Fuchs, designer of the new Futura 2014, pointed out.