Luna Blossom
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Luna Blossom

They swirl together, as almost women. Confidences. “I feel stronger with you.” They have no need to weigh each other up. It’s obvious, at first sight. They become friends, naturally. It’s better, together. The finest way to build up a life. I tell you everything, you listen to me, you burst out laughing, you drag me along with you, we grow up. Free.
Two by two, these girls form an alliance, under the banner of friendship. You are my other self, you inspire me. We’re inseparable, together, we write our story in a flowing hand, deliciously. While being unaware that, one day, they will become Nina and Luna Blossom, for Nina Ricci. Just so genuine.
Which one will lead on the other? No one knows. Not even them. Give me your hand. Grab it if you can. I defy you, temptingly. Will you follow me? Together, with you, fearlessly. An instinctive, whole, indefectible friendship. On a quest for femininity: we play with each other.