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With an exquisite texture and blissful rose citrus fragrance, this hydrating face cream makes the skin perfectly smooth and flawlessly beautiful.
Sumptuous treatment face cream containing a generous amount of finest-quality Bulgarian Damask rose water. The face cream fills the stratum corneum with refreshing, deep hydration and makes the skin soft from within with impeccable clarity. Moisturizes the skin from within, making it springy by containing resilient emulsion consisting of paste oil for elasticity and castor oil as a moisturizer, both of which are emulsified with phospholipids, along with generous amounts of phospholipid capsules.
Extra special skin care with gifts from the plant kingdom e.g. Iris florentina root extract, Cynara scolymus leaf extract, Nelumbo nucifera seed lactobacillus fermented liquid, Red wine yeast extract, Horse chestnut seed extract.