Ella Bache Fruit D'Eclat New Product Seminar

15 Sep 2011

Ella Bache has launched 3 new organic products from Fruit D'Eclat, including Serum Regard Roll On Eye Contour Cream, 3 in 1 Tomato Water Make Up Remover and Tomato Body Lotion. They are rich in active nutrients such as rutin, rutoside and quercetol, anti-oxydant and anti-inflammatory. In the seminar, professtional trainers demonstrated Serum Regard Treatment by using new products with unique massage which can help sooth skin around eyes, improve the capillaries resistance and strength which decrease the permeability and lead to a better drainage, reduction of puffiness and erasing of tired features. After the treatment sharing section, guests were invited to play games in order to let them have a deeper understanding on new products.