Annual Gala of Eternal Group

20 Nov 2012

Adhering to our vision of “One Team One Goal,” multiple brand representatives, malls, distributors and all strategic partners joined Eternal in Shanghai to witness yet another glorious chapter of Eternal being achieved.

Mr. Liu Ju-yong, CEO of Eternal, unveiled the annual corporate conference in a 80-year-old venue furnished in elegant purple and accompanied by astounding music with his opening speech.

He addressed the future of Eternal and expressed gratitude to the guests in his speech.  Another highlight of the night was “The Walk of Beauty.” Various international brands shone on stage showcasing their unique and fabulous designs. It was an enjoyable feast for the viewers and once again, exhibited the brands' sophistication and professionalism effectively.

Later the evening, honorable guests, accompanied by Eternal’s colleagues enjoyed the banquet. The atmospheric dinner was further elevated with numerous excellent performances, award presentation, cheers and applause.

Cosmetics and fragrance conference took place in the next two days. Workshops held in different venues enabled our colleagues and distributors to obtain a more insightful understanding of the brand. The beneficial discussions were followed by the brands’ budget workshop. The workshop offered an opportunity for each party to conclude a more comprehensive forecast for another successful year ahead.