Eternal’s Fragrance and Cosmetics Marketing Conference Part 1/3 (Jiangsu)

24 Nov 2014

Eternal’s annual fragrance and cosmetics marketing conference held on November 24th to 25th gathered strategic partners to share business results and prospects.  With shining golden beams lighting up the glamourous stage, Mr. Steven Lau, the President of Eternal Group, delivered the group’s exceptional achievements in the current year and the inspiring business development direction for the coming year, exciting the guests in the audience. 

A special "2015 New Products Zone,” was set up, displaying the latest luxurious fragrances and cosmetics, showcasing the elegance and professionalism of the group’s corporate image.  As the leading exclusive distributor of numerous prestigious global brands, Eternal has always stood at the forefront of beauty and style with innovations and influences on the aesthetic trends in the market, because Eternal runs not just a business, but also a concept to make the world even more glamourous and lively.

Throughout the two-day annual event, guests were entertained with magical performances and catwalk shows showcasing the latest makeup looks and fragrance trends from the group.  And the management staff kicked off the banquet with a toast showing their appreciation to the guests and cheering for their amazing accomplishments.  Aside from the lucky draws, the dinner was highlighted by an award presentation to an elite group of honorable staff who have displayed exceptional performances in the past year.  And the evening reached its climax, when Mr. Lau officially accepted the certificate of a star named ‘Eternal’ on behalf of the group.  The ‘Eternal’ star represents a gem in the universe that have gathered the faith and passion of the group, and exudes brightness and vibrancy to the world for eternity.