Orlane Oligo Vitamin (Hong Kong)

29 Jan 2015

Orlane Oligo Vitamin helps to fight against the damages caused by pollution and stress and maintains the skin at a healthy level. On the launching event, Ms. Jo Koo (artist and founder of Xiǎo Tián Gǔ, a dessert store), Ms. Heidi Lee (member of Super Girls) and Ms. Evelyn Choi (model) were invited to experience the magic of Orlane Oligo Vitamin, and share their skin care secrets. The event was held in Xiǎo Tián Gǔ, and Jo specially created a pomegranate pudding dessert which uses pomegranate as the main ingredient for all the guests. Orlane Oligo Vitamin contains abundant of pomegranate stem cell extracts, including 7 minerals, 8 microelements and 12 vitamins, which can effectively replenish daily nutrition for the skin.