ALBION Unveils The New Video Ad (Hong Kong)

26 Jul 2017

The new Skin Conditioner Essential campaign of ALBION was launched on 26 July 2017. For the first time in history, with the help of celebrated artistes Natalie Tong and Fred Cheng, ALBION has made yet another breakthrough by the production of Hong Kong’s first ever ALBION promotional video and it would be launched officially on ALBION Facebook fan page. A launching event with the presence of Natalie and Fred was held to unveil the video and share their tips on choosing skincare.


With a centralized theme on Job’s Tears – the key ingredient in ALBION’s Skin Conditioner Essential - the video highlights the 6 leading benefits of this leading ingredient, which also leaves a sensational touch of comfort, relaxation, and a pleasant lifestyle. The unswerving formula and aroma contribute to the success of our ‘‘SkiCon”, which is loved beyond generations and gender. With the particular extraction method of Job’s tears, high concentration ingredients can be obtained. It is suitable for all skin types, helping to solve all kinds of skin problems you may encounter.


With advanced emulsification technology, water and oil can be fused together in making the Skin Conditioner Essential. As it possesses both the properties of water and oil, it can cater for the demands of skin more comprehensively, striking a balance between the feeling of freshness and richness. With the pleasant aroma of floral bouquet, we assure you a remarkable experience in the use of ALBION’s Skin Conditioner Essential.


Click here for the video campaign: