adidas Sport eyewear - Sport Vision Seminars

15 Mar 2018

adidas Sport eyewear organized a series of sport vision seminars in Hong Kong and Shanghai and invited Dr. Nick Dash, an Optometrist and Sports Vision specialist from United Kingdom, as the guest speaker in early-March 2018. To discover a new level of adaptability and clarity, Dr. Nick Dash introduced the Light Stabilizing Technology™ that helps to improve athletes’ vision, performance and explore the dangers of blue light and myopia.


Along with sports rage, adidas Sport eyewear introduces the new “Essentials collection” – a balanced fusion of timeless design and understated technology that is prefect for runners.


About Dr. Nick Dash

Dr. Nick Dash is an Optometrist who graduated from the Optometry School of Cardiff University of Wales in1986. He has subsequently lectured extensively throughout the world from London to Harvard Medical School. His special interests include Sports Vision, Real World Vision, Contact Lenses & Ocular Surface Condition.


He holds the position as an Honorary Lecturer at University of Cardiff, Department of Optometry. Wales.


Nick Dash is founder and CEO of the Sports Vision Institute. Based at Loughborough University, UK, the Sports Vision Institute conducts research of materials, designs and training methods to improve athletic performance through vision enhancement. He has been privileged to work with many of the worlds leading athletes over the last decade. Assisting in performance and protection of their vision.