ANNA SUI Fantasia Mermaid Mega Roadshow

16 Apr 2019

After roaming the land with unicorns, Anna Sui looks to explore this new world with the introduction of Fantasia Mermaid. Famous Artists like Ms. Zoie Tam, Ms. Tiffany Lau, Ms. Meiki Wong, Mr. Karl Ting, Ms. Hana Tam and Ms. Yu Chiu showed up for the mega roadshow at Harbour City to unveil the new launch of Anna Sui Fantasia Mermaid and share their habits of using fragrance with media.

Uncover a mystical place hidden away from human eyes by endless waves, leaving your cares behind and joining Anna’s mermaids as they sing and dance, carefree and radiant with mischief in their eyes. The fragrance captures the breathtaking sensation of discovering new possibilities, inspired by the adventurous, strong-willed princess in Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid. Its trailing scent calls to you to enter an alluring universe, where you might befriend a starfish or find an underwater palace of your own.


Like a mermaid’s personality, the scent of Fantasia Mermaid surprises you with several facets, blending a floriental bouquet with addictive fruit accords and light hints of spice. Sparkling top notes of blood orange, sweet mandarin, cardamom and pepper impart a refreshing first impression, like water shimmering beneath the sun. Comforting heart notes of peony, jasmine, and watery litchi beckon you closer, weaving together like an adventurous symphony. Blended with an enveloping base of vanilla, honey, tonka bean and blond woods, the bewitching combination sings a siren song of flirtatious intrigue.


The keepsake turquoise box is perfect for every explorer at heart, reflecting the serene color of breathtaking oceans. Delicate foil accents and feminine touches of coral and lavender evoke the kaleidoscopic view of an underwater kingdom, while the dainty illustration of a mermaid perched atop her shell hints at what lies within. The gleaming bottle is worthy of the most extravagant treasure chest, crafted from fluted glass to showcase the turquoise juice inside—and topped off with a pink-champagne domed cap that’s covered in flowers. An elegant mermaid figurine swims atop the atomizer, decked in starfish jewels as she whispers secrets to her playful seahorse companion.